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Haya Lanka offers best vehicle services for tourists and visitors to suit their requirements and their budget. It provides vehicles as per the number of the guests. Hay Lanka guarantees 100% satisfaction and comfort throughout your journey.

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Haya Lanka provides the visitor with in depth knowledge in their mother tongue, smoothing creases and wrinkles that is bound to occur while touring a foreign country for the first time.

Haya Lanka

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Mr. Nusrath

He is very much interesting in all typical tour in our land, in Sri Lanka. He can speak English , and fluent Arabic, such as Hindi language too, honestly he has got such a wast experience in Sri Lanka tourism industry. He has worked in hospitality trade in Middle Eastern countries as well As a haya lanka tour operator, & managing director. i have given him a chance to join us . And he has been doing very well.

Mr. Nasmin

Honestly he is very good experience in driving too. (More than 10 years’ experience in all Sri Lanka) He is much more interesting in the beach and hill country destination around Sri Lanka. He like much (cars). As we know, he has got very silence face very often. And he got an opportunity to join us for continue the tourism fleet, via haya lanka.

Mr. Nuduvi

He is very smart... Born and living in Negombo, Nuduvi is an easy go character who is very good knowledgeable on Islam and he will share that knowledge with you. Nuduvi can speak Arabic and English. Attractions and things to do will ensure our clients get the best value of their trip with him. Nice guy to be our chauffeur.

Mr. Farjan

People call him always. BAANU. He looks exactly chines . But he isn’t. His nationality is Sri Lanka. Fun, loving and easy go guy who knows the best places to see and go with him and he had been many more tours in the island wide. (Sri Lanka ) honestly he is something different, rather than the other drivers. You can ask … why dose himself different? Yes… he has got special short cut road in around the island. as a tourist they can arrange like a circle rout system around here.

Mr. Roshan

Roshan proved to be a wonderful guide with his friendly and honest nature, sense of humor and knowledge about the country. He always extremely polite and respectful, but was also happy to answer our questions about Sri Lanka including history, religion and culture. If you needed him to pick us up at 5am for a long day, he will be there early, ready and waiting.

Mr. Mario

Mario is always punctual, reliable, attentive and friendly & He is a very careful driver notwithstanding the crazy traffic and bad roads. We were greeted with such passion and love which made you feel very welcomed and with such a friendly atmosphere you have a wonderful start! He guides very friendly and flexible manner.

Mr. Safwan

One of the wonderful driver we have in Haya Lanka. Super helpful, comunicative, good spirited, good english-talker and wonderful human being. It was a pleasure to have a driver like that. You can trust and rely on. You will get best memories because of Safwan and his help on planing best part. If you are planning your trip and you are with kids - that's a man to trust leading you through your journey.

Mr. Faisal

Very pleasant driver and excellent communication to pleased you. His vehicle is very comfortable for you. He will guide you with the best experience. You will always love his service. He is the best in the business. He will incorporate all the elements you want. He will create a perfect holiday experience with unforgettable memories.

Mr. Iswan

Iswan is simply the BEST! Honestly, he make your stay unforgettable in Sri Lanka, he is so helpful and wonderful to you. He take you wherever you wanted to go, share so much knowledge about our beautiful country and really cared deeply that you will have an amazing trip. He always anticipates needs, thinks ahead and has plenty of suggestions on what to see or do. He's absolutely fantastic!

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Mr. Shafnas

Honestly he is very short driver in our company, but he is the master of driving as we know. The nick name is Mr. Tuk father. Which mean... He can drive very well as a tuk tuk driver... normally those who want to visit Sri Lanka, as a holiday people, expecting a nice city tour or around Sri Lanka by tuk tuk. Than we able to arrange himself to make a nice tour around Sri Lanka. with the people (tourist)

Mr. Sadham

Many foreigners find it easy and cheap way to travel short distance during their stay and it’s open space allow them to view surrounding and some of them enjoy the wind flow while traveling. Sadham is the best person for your to meet above criteria. He always waiting to serve you in best manner. Your will always enjoy your journey.

Mr. Thuwan

Tuk tuks, are ubiquitous across Sri Lanka in a multitude of colour, in fact, you’ll rarely walk far anywhere without being approached by Tuwan, the tuk tuk driver. Pain-free experience for you. He is friendly and often respect foreigners. You can always bargain with him and don’t be shy to do so.

Mr. Jesan

Working with Jesan at haya lanka, he assist you with building a tour itinerary across Sri Lanka and assign you a wonderful memory. While you have had numerous wonderful experiences, Jesan is truly the most knowledgeable driver of our country. Jesan is a wonderful person and made your time in Sri Lanka that much better.

Mr. Makki

Makki is amazing. He is diligent, welcoming and has a friendly manner. He has a wealth of knowledge about the places, local attractions and Sri Lankan traditions. He also had good suggestions about things to do and see. Makki is also courteous and considerate, always checking that you are ok and comfortable during your trip. You never fell pressured to buy things from the tourist attractions you visit.

Mr. Isthikar

Istikar is not only your driver but the person who looked after your well being and best interests while you travel around Sri Lanka with him.

Istikar, as he prefers to be called, is a calm, quietly spoken, natures gentleman who drives with great competence and copes with what to us often seemed erratic driving by others.


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