Sinharaja Rain Forest


Sri Lanka’s very own rain forest, Sinharaja translated to the “Kingdom of the Lion”. Home to many endemic species, this national park and biodiversity hot spot, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As a biologically unique lowland rain forest, the treasures found within it includes the likes of the Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lankan Blue Magpie, White-faced Starling and Scaly Thrust to name a few. Many bird watching expeditions are carried out year round, with one being the Mixed Species Bird Flock study, which has been ongoing since 1981. Some of the other species seen here are the reptiles namely Green pit vipers and Hump-nosed vipers, also found here are a large variety of amphibians, especially tree frogs. Invertebrates such as leeches and the common Bird wing Butterfly have also made their ground here. A trek through the dense vegetation with binoculars, a camera and a guide is the way to take In Sinharaja.










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