Sri Lanka Dishes

Sri Lanka offers a diversity of cuisine. The national dish is rice and curry, which is even served at breakfast! A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of a main curry that could be fish or meat with several side dishes including vegetables, chutneys and sambol. Made of ground coconut, onion, chilli, dried fish and lime, sambol is fiendishly hot.
Excellent seafood can be found along the coast, including local crab, prawns and tuna,Lobster .Local specialties include aappa or hoppers which are small rice-batter pancakes eaten with palm treacle and yogurt. Roti stuffed with fresh chili, onions and cooked eggs, griddled meats or fish are also popular. Kotu roti is chopped roti with onions, vegetables and meat.
Colonialism left an indelible stamp on the local cuisine. A popular Dutch-Portuguese dish is Lamprais (rice steeped in stock with a special curry), accompanied by frikkadels (meatballs), baked and served in banana leaves.
Sri Lanka grows some of the finest tea in the world for export. Your best chance for a good cuppa is in the hill country, where tea plantations and hotels serve the pick of the locally harvested crop.