Yala National Park


All of Sri Lanka’s 24 parks are different to one another, being the second largest in Sri Lanka with a wide land area of about 130 hectares; this park was a wild life sanctuary in ancient times and was transformed into Yala National Park in 1938. Consisting of five blocks and two open to the public namely the Ruhuna National Park and Kumana National Park, the Ruhunu Yala National Park is home to jumbo pachyderms, majestic peacocks and skilled leopards roaming the wilderness that is. Yala also boasts of many other attractions found within, from the varying species of animals who have made it’s home at the park to the ancient monastery caves found as well as the Salt Pans of the Palapatuna Sea are all things to look out for, or rather go in search of when you make your way there.

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